Friday, October 4, 2019

International Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 2

International Marketing - Essay Example The report will discuss in detail the profile and the external environment factors pertinent to a geographic market in the operation of an overseas fast food chain. Jollibee Foods Corporation will be the subject of this marketing study. This would include a tabular comparison of relevant market facts and an analysis of the 4 Ps of the subject company which will serve as basis for the formulation and recommendation of strategies. The report will focus only on the three markets required which include Japan, Germany and China. Priority is given on demographics, general outlook and culture and will only briefly mention the procurement, distribution data as well as cost figures. The global fast food market is growing at an accelerated pace as developing countries now earnestly face globalization by opening its borders to foreign trade, welcoming foreign investments and expanding their markets in overseas locations. While global interconnection encourages free trade, increased investments, and reciprocal employment opportunities, it also puts pressure on the local human resource as job requirements become more intricate and time consuming. As the standard of living in urbanized cities soar, people would need to generate increased income levels to support personal expenditures. This promotes the crossover from traditional cultural patterns in terms of income households and consumptions. As the trend for single-person households and working mothers escalates, the tradition of house-cooked meals and leisure eating becomes more and more difficult due to time constraints. These developments put to the fore the need for fast and convenient food items that only a f ast food outlet can provide. Food Info Net defines fast food as â€Å"the sale of food and drinks for immediate consumption, either on the premises or in designated eating areas shared with other foodservice operators, or for consumption elsewhere† (Food Info Net, December 2006). For the chosen product

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