Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Global business environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Global business environment - Essay Example This raises questions in the minds of many people about the place and future of CSR (Horrigan 2010, p. 12-30). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an obligation for a business to pursue the long term goals in the society beyond those stipulated by law. The desire of all business establishments is the making of profit. However, this goal seems threatened whenever the return on investment and return on sales show a discouraging trend. The main aspects of any business are to enhance productivity of the human resource and the creation of a positive image of itself and become a household name, taking over the hearts and minds of its main consumer base (Anderson, 2007). CSR involves, among other things, the need for the business to conduct the operations ethically and also in the interest of the larger and greater community from which the business operates. Therefore, it is necessary for the establishment to ensure that they offer higher quality products than their competitors. As a result, the organization has more options to ensure that they enhance their consumer brand loyalty. This will then ensure that the most loyal consumers will still do business with the enterprise rather than shop around for better offers by competitors. In the long run, the services and products offered to the consumer will not only make the business thrive in economic crisis, but will also enhance the profitability of the business, thus saving the enterprise the possibility of running out of operations (Horrigan, 2010, p. 12-30). On the other hand, ethical issues with regard to the employee or human resource management are of considerable importance. The business should also ensure that it looks at every employee first as a person deserving of respect and fair treatment and not as another input to the production practices. Therefore,

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