Monday, October 7, 2019

Easyjet Plc Financial Report Analysis (Report) Essay

Easyjet Plc Financial Report Analysis (Report) - Essay Example As the head of the organization, her term has experienced tremendous growth and expansion of services. Under the chief executive officer is a team of ten directors, charged with the responsibility of ensuring the continuity as well as the performance of the company in light of its goals in the corporate scene. Indeed, the good performance of the group points to the good collaboration, as well as the organization structure, which facilitates easy delegation of duties, understanding and accountability in the top management. The company has strict legal boundaries that cover the operations of the business and regulates how the company deals with its environment. Company law outlines the provisions under which the company operates, and in particular, the company is obliged to disclose its financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and has an obligation to present the true status of the company at the given time. Further, the Company Act of 2006 details the roles of the directors, as well as the legal requirements that are put in place pertaining how the company presents its financial documents. Modern Airlines companies operate under strict regulatory measures and Easyjet PLC that ensures efficiency in delivery of services as well as reducing unstructured processes that have continued to hinder the full development of modern airports. Indeed, the company continues to advocate for legal reforms that will introduce more slots in the handling of airport ground operations, a move that will increase competition and increase efficiency. The company continues to operate under the European Union regulatory guidelines, and the subsequent improvement in the infrastructure in the region has benefited EasyJet PLC’s operations. Contemporary organizations thrive or fail depending on the capabilities of its management team to steer the organization in the

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