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buy custom Radical Revolution essay

buy custom Radical Revolution essay Joel Garreaus Radical Revolution, is a provocative book, which commences with mind-cracking experiment. He gives a scenario where ones daughter returns from her law school as a first year student and talks about her college classmates rather than law works. The most perturbing issue is that these classmates have advanced in various ways. She shows how the enhancement has made an impact on her life. They are internal wireless apparatus, self-healing. In addition, issues of mortality in the revolution on technology and genetics that are changing, either positively or negatively, and human evolution are important. The author describes three scenarios that may have an impact on the human race in the future. In the first scenario is the Heaven, where it is exemplified with illustrious people like Eric Drexler, Raymond Kurzweil, Marvin Minsky, Gregory Stock, Nick Bostrom, Vernor Vinge, and Hans Moravec . The author portrays them to have strong beliefs in the practicality and benefits of genetic engineering over that of cyber exuberance. He uses Vinge to demonstrate the theory of Singularity in which the group purports. They believe that the Singularity theory will prompt transcendence in which intelligence surpasses other forms of human revolution. The second scenario advocates The Hell. Here, the advocate is Bill Joy, who founded the Sun Microsystems. This scenario argues that as the society inclines to genetic engineering, the innovation will have inequalities, and there would be a sprout of the ruling elite. It will have more powers than the other individuals in the society. In the third scena rio, the author focuses on the Prevail in which Jaron Lanier represents this scenario. It analyzes the possibility of Tanscendence in the society, which would be neither predictable nor smooth. The credible scenario is The Prevail scenario as the transcendence depends on more than one individual (Gay 23). The human revolution cannot be predictable under normal circumstances. The most probable is The Heaven scenario. Most scholars and scientists have experimented that there is a strong belief in Singularity in realizing human revolution. Ideally, with the transcendence from the animal hominids to the human hominids that have been experienced, the stage for human evolution in the future has initiated. The Russian philosopher, Nikolai Fyodorov, advocated for physical immortality, radical life extension, and the possibility of resurrection after death. The philosopher analyzed the trends of the human revolution and deduced that, under the same conditions and trends, the society will experience a human revolution. In the current society, there has been tremendous change in the human activities (Chorost 13). This has been facilitated by the immense technological advancement in the past few decades. The trend seems to continue and the possibility of radical life extension and physical immortality are on the way to being practical. However, in order to realize t hese changes, the scientists need to undertake research and encourage the society to embrace technological change. In the near future, the society will shift their focus on technology-knowhow. This will mean that the Information Technology and Computer Science courses will be in demand. The scientists and philosophers will need Information Technology specialist that will enhance the realization of their objective (Chorost 89). For instance, specialists in the sector can only pperform genetic engineering. An individual from other field, apart from Information Technology, may possess knowledge on the genetic impairing in enhancing human revolution. Genetic engineering contribution will improve life of human beings. This will be achieved through its contribution to the health care, agriculture, energy, mining, and a host of other activities in the economy. However, human revolution will not spread smoothly in the society. For instance, genetic engineering will not only bring comfort but also greater health to those who use its products and services. It brings wealth and prestige to the individual who invented the gene and developed the human therapy. Although technological advances have brought benefits, they have also created problems. Human possesses the ability to alter and exploit the natural environment in ways not possible in this changing world. Technology has enabled humans to alter the nature beyond the natural carrying capacity of the Earths ecosystem. The advancement of technology has been a catalyst for globalization and human revolution. Technology has enhanced the interaction between human beings in the realization of a common goal (Gay 129). In conclusion, human revolution is a vital aspect in the current volatile society. The economy is characterized by gradual improvement of the way of life of human beings in the society. Indeed, for better realization of genetic engineering, and overall human revolution in the economy, technology has played a vital role to enhance its achievements. Joel Garreau analysis of the three scenarios clearly outlines the effects that the society will face in the near future. Indeed, human revolution is inevitable. Buy custom Radical Revolution essay

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