Saturday, September 28, 2019

Quotation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Quotation - Essay Example a) Freedom of speech and expression Freedom of speech is very crucial aspect of human beings. Every human being is entitled to his or mind and opinions (Samalavic?ius 18). This is because human beings vary in the manner and level of thinking, perception and looking at issues affecting them on earth. Due to such variations, people should be allowed to freely express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions concerning issues of life. Restricting people from expressing their ideas and thoughts is dangerous as it denies them the opportunity to present opinions, feelings, and ideas (Samalavic?ius 18). Some of the issues might be interfering with a person’s life, and thus the need to raise or express his or her dissatisfaction with the issues. In expressing his feelings or opinions on such issues, human beings might generate useful ideas and thoughts that may contribute to improved living standards of all people on earth. This is because there are people with brilliant ideas th at when implemented can solve some of the problems, and thus relieve or reduce life stresses (Samalavic?ius 27). Thus, freedom of speech is necessary since it ensures that people have freedom to write their minds, and thereby informing others of their perceptions and feelings towards certain issues of concern. Moreover, lack of freedom of speech hinders people from reading articles or other ideas written by other individuals. This bad since it denies people right to learn from and share ideas with other people. b) Freedom of worship The freedom to worship is very fundamental on earth. This is because people posses divergent views and perceptions concerning their faiths and beliefs about the existence of supernatural powers in the universe (Samalavic?ius 35). This is because human beings come from divergent backgrounds consisting of varied cultures and practices. Thus, recognizing and appreciating these cultural and social differences is crucial for peaceful existence on earth. Every person should be allowed to worship anything he prefers or recognizes as important since it is impossible to tell the reason for choosing the object or the unseen spirit. Consequently, recognition and respect for different religions on earth is vital for promotion of peace, love, and harmony (Samalavic?ius 51). This is because the existence of religious wars such as between Shia and Sunni Muslims, the fighting between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland and England arose due to disregard of other religions on the earth. Moreover, religious conflicts continue to emerge everyday in countries such as Nigeria, Egypt and in Iraq. For instance, in Egypt, the Muslim majority undermines the Copts since they are of Christian faith. Therefore, such freedom should be respected in all places on earth in order to avoid provoking other people and thereby causing tension and hatred. This is to avoid compromising peace and love among people on the earth. c) Freedom from want All human beings need to be financially stable. Being financially stable allows man to lead a good life whereby he can purchase or get anything he needs in order to satisfy his or her want (Samalavic?ius 91). Therefore, economic empowerment of man is essential since it ensures that people lead a comfortable life void of financial strains and stresses. In order to achieve financial stability and economic empowerm

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