Sunday, September 8, 2019

Advanced Managerial Accounting - Creat Scorecard Essay

Advanced Managerial Accounting - Creat Scorecard - Essay Example The co-operation leads into an increase in the overall performance of the university. The university must indulge in innovative and inventive processes in order to utilize the available opportunities for improvement. For instance the application of technology in the student management and the learning process is a noble move. The technological application in learning is laudable and it boosts the innovation within the institution. The learning and growth entails the process through which change is adopted in the institution. The change takes the form of new policies, strategies and regulations in the institution. It takes time for the change to be understood and adopted by the institution stakeholders. The balance scorecard tailors all the business activities to organizational vision and mission through a management system. The system enhances the improvement of the internal system of an organization. Additionally, the framework monitors the organizational performance regarding the goals and objectives of the firm. The non-financial variables are also part of the performance framework to create a balanced view of the affairs of an organization (Makhijani and  Creelman, 2011). The inclusion of the financial and the non-financial aspects of an organization create a balance on the general view of an entity. Teaching technology should be applied in the process of learning. The university has mane plans on the purchase of sufficient iPods for learning. The university also utilizes student information system, which helps in the management of the student services ensures that the customization of the services and products offered to the students. He provision attracts many students, which leads to a high number of enrollments per year. Different students in the University of UAE need different levels of comfort. For that reason, application of technology in learning promotes diversity and accommodativeness. Teaching helps in the

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