Thursday, September 26, 2019

Litriture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Litriture - Essay Example He was persistent in his belief that they should not surrender to Xerxes and that the Spartan army will endure the faith that awaits them for the glory of Greece. He believed enough in his strategy that though he was defeated in the end it marked an awakening among the Grecians to fight the Persians and eventually yield to the same belief that Leonidas figured early on. The same courage was also apparent to Achilles who remained unfazed even to his death. Achilles holds a diverse type of courage which is almost borderline arrogance but it is not without precedence as he is close to an immortal and he is aware of it. Though he knew of the prophecy of his death in the Trojan War he still joined the war that brought him to his end. Charisma is also important. It is almost impossible to concretely define what charisma is but it is a characteristic that is common among heroes. They are able to influence and move their followers into action not because of fear but because of the charisma that they have over people. Looking upon it, why would 300 men join Leonidas even though they are aware that it will cause their families mourning? It is because of charisma. Not because they are afraid but because they believed in his abilities and they are inclined to his persona. The mere fact that one can be associated with Achilles is a sign of his own charisma. These heroes exude something that transcends confidence and draws in followers. Love, that all encompassing emotion manifests itself despite and because of heroic films. It holds many variations and it is not limited to the romantic type or the ideal that we so often see. It endears us to the characters of the stories and it humanizes the heroes that even as they come to their tragic ends, we are instilled with the grief that we feel due to the love that they have revealed through the course of their stories. The movie 300

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