Sunday, September 22, 2019

Labor issue paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Labor issue paper - Essay Example In this case, the competency of the new management was a decisive factor in the resolution of the dispute. However, to minimize losses associated with labor disputes, it is far from enough to wait for the advent of competent management. Business administration must get in front of studies on measures to prevent and handle any disputes associated with employment adjustment by sorting out the problems of managerial ability issues. 1. Aim The aim of this study is to make a preliminary discussion on critical turning points of one prolonged large-scale labor dispute about economic dismissal, which lasted for over 14 years including the trial period. The author has studied actual litigation cases associated with employment adjustment. ... For example, some employers did not make appropriate efforts in labor bargaining before trial, and many of them dismissed workers who chose to bring actions to the court with little change of winning the lawsuit (or without such standpoint), despite their financial difficulties due to the economic dismissals1. Even when important and well-known legal judgments such as the high court decision for the Toyo Suiso case were received, quite a few parties pressed ahead with a full appeal and after all trials, many of them still continued bargaining. In other words, they make significant sacrifices for trials that might seem to be unnecessary from the viewpoint of innocent bystanders and moreover, they spend enormous amounts of time to find resolution to the dispute aside from ongoing trials. Things they lose and social costs they pay through such disputes are too much. Employment adjustments do not necessarily cause labor disputes and not all disputes are brought to the court. Where are th e turning points that make disputes about employment adjustment to be prolonged and large-scale? A number of studies are necessary to provide an appropriate conclusion of such a critical issue. Therefore, the goal of this study is narrowed down to make working hypotheses about managerial turning points in a prolonged large-scale dispute about employment adjustment. In concrete terms, as there are only few past studies on cases where a dispute about employment adjustment was brought to the court, the past studies of the author et al. are reviewed to clarify managerial turning points that made the disputes to be prolonged and large-scale as well as make a basis for future studies. 2.

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