Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Success - Essay Example Success is a reward that is achieved by those who work hard and have a strong will. Although there are those who succeed by luck, most people in the world must hard in order to achieve what they want. For example, students work hard to get better grades. Athletes work hard to win games. Merchants work hard to succeed in their businesses. Technology firms work hard to keep up with the competition in the market. Therefore, success is the ultimate reward for hard work. In life, there is no one who is willing to work hard without getting anything out of it. Although the motivation of working hard differs with individuals, success is nonetheless the ultimate gain for working hard. Success is one of the motivators of living. It is what prevents people from losing hope in life. Usually, everyone has the desire of achieving something great at some point in their lives. However, things may not always happen as expected. When one tries to work hard to achieve what he or she considers great, failure stands along the path. People fail quite often in what they do before succeeding. In the event of failure, the desire to succeed prevents one from giving up. For example, an athlete who loses a game has hopes of winning again at some point in their career. Also, a merchant who makes enormous losses in business does not give up working in the same field. The merchant finds consolation by hoping that they will one day succeed. If there were no success or hope of succeeding, life itself could lose meaning. For instance, there is no one who is willing to do something that they know they will fail forever. Success is happiness. In life, when one achieves personal goals by working hard, there is no doubt that the individual will be happy. Success, a term that is equivalent to the attainment of goals, brings positive moods to individuals. To a student, success is passing exams and getting the best grades. If a student

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