Thursday, August 15, 2019

Having a New Member in a Family

When a child is used to being the baby of the family its hard to let go of that position. So for me finding out that a new baby was on its way it was very exciting, but than when the baby arrived it wasn’t very exciting after all. Everything change. As a result, I decided to built a fence that kept me separated from my family. I enjoyed being the baby of the house. I would always gets everything I wanted or asked for. I would think that basically the whole world revolved around me and only me. Everyone one always called me daddy’s little princess and that made me even more spoiled. I would love to be around my family play games with them do mostly everything. But, everything started to change once my mom made an announcement that she was pregnant. That moment was very important and surprising to everyone. I was happy that I was going to have a little sister or brother. After a while, everyone started paying attention to my mom and her tummy and that I wouldn’t get any. One day my uncle said to me that after the baby arrived he or she was going to be the new baby of the family, that it was going to take my spot. After I heard that I got sad, since I was used of having everyone spoiled me. From that moment on I was starting to drift away from my family. Months later my mom was ready to give birth one morning and I couldn’t go since I had school. Later that morning my dad told me and my brother we had a new baby sister. All throughout school I was thinking how my life was going to change. Lots of ideas popped into my head. I even thought of my parents forgetting about me. After school my dad came to pick me up so I could go to the hospital and visit. Once I entered the room I saw my mom holding a small human being. I was happy to see my new baby sister. I walked towards the bed and carried the baby. She was so small and her face was red with little white dots on her cheekbones, and she had a look of confusion. As I held my new baby sister I realized that she was going to need all the attention in the world even mine. I than also realized that I wasn’t a baby anymore that I didn’t need all the attention I always had that now it was going to be the baby’s turn to be daddy’s little princess. After that day I stopped acting like the world revolved about me because it never did. I gave my full attention to my baby sister. Everyone told me they thought I was going to get jealous and my respond was that I was at first but I than realized that she need it more than me. One day my dad told me that I was always going to be his little girl. I was glad he told me that. The fence I had built was just to damage the beautiful relationship I had with my family. It started to fall little by little as I started to become conscious that attention was nothing compared to having a family that cared about you. My family helped me tare down the fence because they showed me that just cause your growing doesn’t mean people are going to stop caring about you or not give you attention that there will always be a time where you have the spotlight.

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