Thursday, August 1, 2019

Personal Reflection †My life compare to the Amish Essay

The Amish had first been discovered in 1693, they are known for simple living and plain dressing. Even though they have been around for a very long time their ways of living are still very similar to what it was since the beginning. Unlike my ways of living, I have been on this earth for 16 years (still counting) and my ways of life have changed dramatically year after year. The Amish and I have some similarities and many differences. From the way the use of technology, our gender, our roles and status and even our religion. my life revolves around technology, from the moment I wake up to the moment I step into bed at the end of the day I am surrounded by technology. we might think technology is what makes the world go round. But the Amish thinks differ, they live their life with no use of technology what so ever. this means no phones, no television, no laptop, no electricity (only allowed in certain areas) and definitely no cars. they believe if too much technology is used, the community will slowly be separated from each other. which I believe is very correct. instead of using cars for transport, they would use horse – drawn buggies. my daily routine, everything I do most likely consist of the use of technology. throughout the day I use my phone, use my computer, I use car as a transport, and I am surround by electricity. I feel ashamed of myself because I think the use of technology is the only way someone can get through a day. As for gender, the Amish always had the male(father) as the head of the family. But in my house hold my mum(female) is the head of the house, which is completely opposite to the Amish. The Amish said that unmarried could work and married women had to work within the home . But in my life, women have a choice whether they want to work or stay home whether they’re married or not. when working I have the choice whether to give my pay to my mother or not. but according to the Amish, working children have to give all their pay to their father to support the family. The Amish are very close to one other and families are usually always nearby even after marriage. but where I am living, at the age of 18, family member are able to leave as they please and as far away as they want. since birth my mum never forced me into a certain religion, I was given the choice to choose which religion would suite me best. unlike me the Amish aren’t as lucky as I am, from birth have Christianity forced onto them, and every since that day their lives are now devoted to god. this means devoting  yourself to god before being accepted as an adult member. they are believe that they must obey god at all times. They strongly believe in peace and cooperation. unlike us people who think technology and money makes the world go round and that power is the key to happiness. And lastly our roles and statue, from a young age the Amish were taught their roles, kids would go to school till year 8. The males are always the leader of the family and the person who makes decisions for the entire family and sometimes community. they are also expected to have to work on farm to provide for the family. the females are expected to take care of the family and maintain the house. females usually don’t have jobs outside the house, but young women are usually school teachers. in our society the roles and status can be similar and very different compare to the Amish, in our society males can be the leader but so can the females, the roles in our society are more equal. both males and females can find jobs, do house chores and both can look after the family. And kids finish school at a much older age. in conclusion, the Amish ways of living compare to mine are very different. there is no right way or wrong in living life, both cultures have different views to thin gs so their beliefs to think will be different. At the end of the day we are all human, and we should all respect each other instead of stereotyping one another.

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