Sunday, August 11, 2019

Human sexuality Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human sexuality - Term Paper Example The results showed that higher self-reported stress in life were associated with low levels of sexual activity and satisfaction and also a decrease in relationship satisfaction (Wright, 2000). According to the study, hypoactive sexual desire in many couples has been seen as only a problem in old couples but also it has been seen in young and middle-aged couples. Sexual difficulties especially low libido has been a susceptible indicator for low relationship satisfaction and other marital problems. Tension created by relationships can be evident earlier than negative ratings of the relationship(Bodenmann, 2013). Theorists and sexual therapists has assumed that stressors may be important factors that involves in decreasing sexual activity in couples and therefore lowering sexual satisfaction. Other studies show that substantial and persistent sexual disorders especially those associated with low sexual desires are linked to major stressors. The study showed that less knowledge is available on the impact of daily hassles that usually originates from outside close relationships on sexual behavior and satisfaction. Human disorders related to sex was also found to be a greater c hallenge on sexual behavior. Sexual desire disorders such as sexual arousal disorder e.g. erectile disorders in men and orgasmic disorder in females were noted to be a significant incremental effect of self-reported stress on sexual problems. Low sexual desires among the many people were also as a result of exhaustion and tiredness. Arguments among the married were also recorded as other causes of low desires in sex (Bodenmann, 2013). The following valuables (stress, sexual activity, sexual satisfaction, and sexual fulfillment as well as individual dyadic coping behaviors) were also assessed and evaluated on weekly basis on diaries and the participant asked to complete diaries on their self- related stress on basis of sexual satisfaction. And it was found that stress

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