Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Project Team Building Strategies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project Team Building Strategies - Assignment Example A project team is a group of people that comprised of a manageable number of people. The people have complementary skills, share a common goal, purpose and a working approach (Petrick, 2002). The selection of the project team members can be from within or from outside an organization as situations may demand. Team members selected from within an organization have the advantage of knowing the other team members. This will help in molding a unified project team. The team members will also be familiar with the policies, work culture and work procedure of the organization. Project team members sourced from outside an organization lack familiarity with the organization culture. However, it is necessary for an organization to recruit team members from outside if the project requires certain skills, which are not available among the existing members of an organization (Nagarajan, 2005). Project team members are selected from the coordination between the project manager and the functional management. Team building refers to assisting a group of individuals. This group is bound by a common purpose. The members of the group work interdependently. The members include the leader, external stakeholders and the organization in general. Team building can also be perceived as the process of influencing members of a group to work together effectively for better results from a project. There are six strategies that leading organizations adopt so as to create outstanding performance among its team members. These strategies are the formation of the project team early, having a strong matrix organization structure, consensus on goals, sharing of work, and collocation of a team and lastly, the rewarding of the project team members to motivate them (Levin, 2010).

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