Thursday, July 25, 2019

Men in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Men in Nursing - Essay Example Men, have mostly, been curiously invisible, in the history of nursing. General nursing may be viewed as a feminine role also, because specific job tasks involve washing and close physical contact with the patient. Mental health nursing could be viewed, as being more masculine, and therefore the role of the majority of male nurses, as they sometimes have to deal with physical aggression, so have to be physically stronger and remedy disturbances of the patients mind. As nursing is also perceived, as too poorly a paid profession, It could also be a strong likelihood, of why the majority of men are "put off" from pursuing it as a career, especially as society appears to focus on men as the main family wage earners. To encourage people into non-stereotypical employment or training especially in nursing, the environment needs to be one that welcomes the individual and which is readily accessible. The conditions need to be right for that person to feel valued, in an environment where they m ay be in the minority. In order to make this happen, the place of work should be neutralized, in this case new nursing practices could be introduced, changing the image of nursing, firstly the job title of nurse could be changed, to one more suitable to both genders, to perhaps "medics" as known in the states. Developing strategy, focused on members of the multidisciplinary team, in the process of questioning their own attitudes, beliefs and values, aimed at implementing cultural and structural changes. The government, could implement new pay scales inviting more applicants, an attractive salary will certainly steer more people towards nursing as a career. (Meldrum, 2000) In new age men seem to resume their historical role as carers and nurses, like women are now resuming their role as physicians. In twentieth century nursing as a predominately female profession is changing again. American Assembly for Men in Nursing is working to support and promote men in American nursing; this

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