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Planning Document Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Planning Document - Research Paper Example The plans established during project planning stage will aid the manager to save time, resources, quality, challenges, transformations and other issues. Additionally, it helps the manager to manage team, members of staff and outside stakeholders to ensure project timely project deliverance and within schedule. Introduction Experts agree that project-planning stage is mainly the most problematic stage for human resource managers because they need to produce skilled staff, adequate resources and tools required to complete the project. They may also require organizing and communicating the plan, project scope, procurement activities and work breakdown structures for the success of the program. This paper explains my project charter for benefit and compensation package revamping, communication plan, the scope of the project and the work breakdown structure for my compensation and benefit package as a new appointed human resource manager in charge of small teams. Discussion Project Charte r for Project Benefit and Compensation Package Revamping As a new human resource head appointee and now responsible for a small team management, I have a critical role ahead. The next project based on this new task is to revamp the benefit and employee compensation package that workers are receiving at the organization. Workforce benefits and compensation are intensively crucial and significant aspects in the process of new hire approval and workforce retention. Similarly, it is my responsibility to revamp, build and provide a valuable benefit and compensation products, that motivate and retain the most crucial and experienced workforce while making them accepted, proud and approved by the company members. The primary goal and purpose of workforce compensation is to offer effective and equal benefits to workforce at a level, which align their expertise, capabilities and contributions to the organization. Compensation is the role of human resource management, which handles all forms of rewards that people receive for their better performance – such as nonfinancial and economic benefits. My financial benefits plan will entail direct rewards like salary, time off pays, wages, any form of bonus and increases on merit basis as well as other plans for profit sharing. Indirect rewards like workforce benefits, (Armstrong & Cummins, 2011). Additionally, nonfinancial benefits involve anything in workstation, which promotes workforce’s self-esteem and self-respect sense by others. Therefore, as a new human resource manager, I will design packages for compensation and benefits for the entire workforce and perspective new recruits. I will design and implement the team’s expectations to prevent miscommunication concerning employees’ requirements. The project charter will include a policy concerning the number of work hours, overtime, time compensation and time off payments (such as Holidays, emergency leaves and personal holidays). In addition, t he least or base grades of salary will be based on position or title of the job, job description, job qualification and educational qualification will be established to determined workforce salary. A compensation plan is what motivates long-term workforce that is rewarded without evaluating their jobs or establishing an entitlement sense. Therefore, as a new human resource leader, I will have to provide this material to higher management and right stakeholders for the project approval. The aim is to indicate where the dollars that workforce spends on after taxation by

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