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BP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

BP - Essay ExampleAs well, a statistical review of the last 44 years reveals the urgency in addressing the caper of oil perseverance disasters. The research analysis reveals that there are multi-level and diverse impacts of the oil industry on environment. These impacts are the result of the routine operations of the industry as well as because of the accidents and disasters that occur due to negligence. It is also seen that while BP promotes itself as a green energy company, it is however involved in violating environmental and safety norms with disastrous results as can be seen in the case of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The research provides several recommendations like developing an international situation for formulating a framework for oil industries to devote them more environmentally responsible to develop more coordinated framework of monitoring the oil companies performance to make it mandatory for the oil companies to show transparency about their standards and proce sses and projects and to generate public awareness about full impact that oil industry has the potential of fashioning to the environment. Table of Contents Abstract Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Research Questions 1.5 Research aim and objectives 1.4 Significance of Research 1.5 Structure of speaking Chapter 2 literature Review 2.1 Oil Extraction Leads to Disturbing the Natural Environment 2.2 Oil Transportation Hazards to the Natural Environment 2.3 Oil Usage and Its Impacts on the Environment 2.4 Environmental Standards for oil industry 2.5 Oil Spill Clean-up Methods 2.6 BP 2.6.1 Organizational Structure Supportive of Environmental Accountability 2.6.2 Operation forethought and Environmental Management 2.6.3 Using Technology for Reducing Impact on Environment 2.6.4 Using Education to Create Environmental Awareness 2.6.5 Renewable Energy Products 2.7 Summary of Literature Review Chapter 3 Research Methodology 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Research Methods 3.2.1 Case Study Method 3.2.2 Statistical epitome 3.4 Methods of Analysis 3.5 Research Validity and reliability 3.6 Summary Chapter 4 Findings and Analysis 4.1 Case Study 4.1.1 Background Information 4.1.2 BP Performance on Environment 4.1.3 BP Safety Track Record 4.2 Comparative Analysis of Oil Disasters in Recent History 4.2.1 The Costs of Clean-up 4.2.2 Calculating the Level of Threat 4.3 Summary of Chapter Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations 5.1 Conclusions 5.1.1 Environmental Impacts of Oil Industry 5.1.2 BP and its Performance on Environment 5.2 Historic Perspective 5.3 Recommendations 5.3.1. at that place is a need to establish an internationally recognized organization that sets operational and maintenance standards for the oil industry 5.3.2. There is a need to make the oil industry operations and procedures more transparent. 5.3.3. There is a need for generating public interest and awareness of oil industry related impacts on the environment. 5.4 Limitations of C urrent Research and Scope for Future Research The oil industry Assessing the impact of oil disasters on the environment through a case study of BP and its responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig disaster Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction The recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico early in the year has once again provided experiential evidence of the disastrous impacts that oil and drilling operations may have on the intrinsic

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