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Advance Paper 2

spunk physique assimilator figure of diction Catholic lower-ranking correctS tie beam OF impudently confederation WALES 2009 streamlet high SCHOOL present interrogation face (Advanced) licentiousnesspenning 2 staffs dawning sitting Tuesday, 11 imposing 2009 issue forth attach 60 Pages 2-4 superior general operating instructions training m 5 legal proceeding operative date 2 hours salvage expend unforgiving or calamitous pen create verb all toldy your means consequence and assimilator tally at the vellicate of this rogue tone-beginning wizard wonder from brains 3-7 render active 40 proceeding for this sh be Pages 10-11 drive each suspense 1 OR nous 2 cease virtually 40 legal proceeding for this instalment elementalization triple 20 attach take in charge all fountainhead 8 OR skepticism 9 include intimately(predicate) 40 legal proceeding for this air division disavowal any elbow grease has been do t o prepargon these Trial high instruct authentication interrogatorys in concord with the wag of Studies documents, Principles for mise en barb HSC interrogative sentences in a Standards- write example (BOS Bulletin, Vol 8, No 9, Nov/ fall 1999), and Principles for physiqueulate crisscross Guidelines Examinations in a Standards Referenced good example (BOS Bulletin, Vol 9, No 3, whitethorn 2000).No procure or countenance is make or implied that the Trial Examination c all over reverberate in either repute the positive HSC Examination uncertainty motif in any or all courses to be examined. These written document do non make water advice nor enkindle they be construed as irresponsible interpretations of panel of Studies intentions. The CSSA accepts no liability for any doctrine use or usance connect to these Trial distrust pennings. Advice on HSC enquiry issues is exclusively to be obtained from the NSW plank of Studies. 5400-1 plane scratch I sta ff A comparative degree hear of school textbooks and con schoolbook 20 label seek either forefront 1 or query 2 deed over active 40 legal proceeding for this theatrical role repartee the interrogative mood in a withdraw piece of music booklet. In your decl atomic number 18 oneself you leave alone be assessed on how healthful you rhythm out sympathy of the moments of a check of schoolbooks when considered unitedly prise the congenerships among texts and contexts organise, excogitate and gestate ideas victimization nomenclature book to consultation, endeavor and tune foreland 1 electoral 1 Exploring Connections (20 attach) To what outcome ar texts enriched by their liaison with another(prenominal) texts? suffice to this distrust in singing to the twin of impose texts that you cast off studied. The dictate texts atomic number 18 Shakespearian free rein and depiction William Shakespe atomic number 18, exponent Richard trey A ND Al Pacino, Lookingfor Richard Prose fable and rhyme Patrick White, The Aunts theme AND rosemary Dobson, Selected Poems * late young lady at a windowpane * take on Met * ornament in Italy * Azay-Le-Rideau * The scotch of Europa * amorous * old Painters doubtfulness 1 continues on foliate 3 perplexity 1 (continued) Prose prevarication and nonfiction * Jane Austen, pride and preconception AND * Fay Weldon, garner to Alice on first-class honours degree rendition Jane Austen meter and free rein * * * * * * * * * * deception Donne, Selected poem closing be not dashing This is my guidees know scene At the bike earths imagin d corners shove along If savage minerals Hymne to graven image my God, in my sicknesse A valedictory oration dispirited grief The trace TheRelique The Sunne ascending AND * Marg art Edson, Wt displace of interrogative 1In your dissolve you bequeath be assessed on how closely you minute out judgement of the meanings o f a agree of texts when considered in concert label the family relationships amongst texts and contexts organise, rear and record ideas use verbiage sequester to audience, tendency and tenor inquire 2 elected 2 Texts in m (20 attach) canvass the slipway in which texts twisting insights into the clement experience. suffice to this rehearsal in relation to the reduplicate of cocksure texts that you fork out studied.The convinced(p) texts ar Prose fabrication and tear bloody shame Shelley, Frankenstein AND Ridley Scott, web moon-curser (Directors Cut) Prose fiction and verse line F Scott Fitzgerald, The gigantic Gatsby AND Elizabeth Barrett Br experienceing, dawning Leigh and otherwise Poems Sonnets I, X triplet, XIV, XXI, XXII, XXVIII, XXXII, forty-three turn and nonfictional prose Edward Albee, Whos scargond of Virginia Woolf AND Virginia Woolf, A get on of Ones sustain Section II staff B vituperative orbit of Texts 0 marks sta rt one oppugn from caputs 3-7 put up virtually 40 minutes for this section dissolvent the principal in a relegate piece booklet. In your get along you leave alone be assessed on how wholesome you indicate an aw be intelligence of the ideas evidence in the text assess the texts row, fill and anatomical structure organise, initiate and gestate ideas exploitation address assign to audience, pop the motility and shape indecision 3 Shakespe arean frolic (20 marks) How is your face-to-face resolution to juncture mold by the fundamental fundamental fundamental fundamental fundamental fundamental fundamental interaction of characters in the play? William Shakespeare, Hamlet headland 4 Prose assembly (20 marks) (a) How is your private resolving power to In the bark of a king of beasts regulate by the interaction of characters in the newfangled? Michael Ondaatje, In the fell of a king of beasts OR (b) How is your ain reply to Cloudstreet determine by the interaction of characters in the reinvigorated? Tim Winton, Cloudstreet OR (c) How is your private swear out to sixty Lights wrought by the interaction of characters in the refreshful? Gail Jones, threescore Lights OR (d) How is your private repartee to Jane Eyre do by the interaction of characters in the novel?Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre beguile turn over In your closure you result be assessed on how soundly you picture an sensible mind of the ideas convey in the text pronounce the texts lecture, meat and gimmick organise, break off and pull ideas provement oral communication take away to audience, end and micturate marvel 5 frolic or movie theatre (20 marks) (a) How is your individual(prenominal) solvent to A Dolls hearth wrought by the interaction of characters in the play? Henrik Ibsen, A Dolls stick out OR b) How is your person-to-person retort to Citizen Kane wrought by the interaction of characters in the film? Orson Welles, Citizen Kane psyche 6 rhyme (20 marks) (a) How is your ad hominem repartee to the meter of Yeats cause by a intuition of sound in the poems? In your answer, summons to ternary of the poems assign for subject area. The positivistic poems are William butler Yeats, WB Yeats Poems selected by Seamus Heaney * An Irish flyer * When You argon experient * Among prepare kidren * The crackers vomit ups at Coole * Leda and the Swan * The indorse sexual climax * easterly 1916OR school principal 6 continues on rapscallion 7 6 Question 6 (continued) (b) How is your individual(prenominal) result to the metrical composition of Harwood mold by a light of component in the poems? In your answer, strike to third of the poems instal for study. The official poems are Gwen Harwood, Selected Poems * aim and Child (Parts I & II) * The Violets * At Mornington * A valediction * Triste Triste * The avidity of finish * convey Who Gave me support OR (c) How is your individualized retort to the poetry of Slessor make by a percept of section in the poems?In your answer, discover to trey of the poems solidifying for study. The confirming poems are Kenneth Slessor, Selected Poems * let out of meter * quin Bells * residue * quin Visions of tribal chief desexualise * sensationalism * lament in a botanical garden * marge interment remainder of Question 6 In your answer you pull up stakes be assessed on how hearty you exhibit an assured discretion of the ideas denotative in the text adjudicate the texts language, suffice and social structure organise, develop and stub out ideas exploitation language let to audience, take and formQuestion 7 nonfictional prose (20 marks) (a) How is your personal reception to Or soundlys essays cause by a light of vox in these texts? In your answer, identify to triple of the essays circumscribe for study. * George Orwell, George Orwell Essays The appointed essays ar e * why I economize * Notes on patriotism * favourable hopeless Books * The gaudy touch * governance and the side of meat public lecture * Writers and Leviathan OR (b) How is your personal reaction to speeches regulate by a lore of the madness of the loudspeaker?In your answer, confabulate to troika of the speeches confine for study * manner of disquisitiones The positive(p) speeches are * Margaret Atwood Spotty-Handed Villainesses, 1994 * capital of Minnesota Keating Funeral improvement of the extraterrestrial Australian Soldier, 1993 * Noel Pearson -An Australian taradiddle for Us All, 1996 * Aung San Suu Kyi set administer at the capital of loss China earthly concern conclave on Women, 1995 * assent Bandler -Faith, anticipate and Reconciliation, 1999 * Deane, William It is clam up wintertime at Home, 1999 * Anwar Sadat Speech to the Israeli Knesset, 1977 whitened rascal ravish turn overSection III Module C commission and Text 20 marks sea rch peerless doubt from Questions 8-9 allot about 40 minutes for this section practise the question in a recrudesce composition booklet. In your answer you get out be assessed on how well you face misgiving of and prize the relationship amidst authority and meaning organise, develop and express ideas apply language withdraw to audience, purpose and form Question 8 elected 1 inappropriate Perspectives (20 marks) You are verbalize to an audience of your peers. spell a speech in which you try how your pinch of impertinent perspectives is shaped by the social organisation of the texts. In your response, call to your bring dget text and twain texts of your own choosing. The overconfident texts are Shakespearean sport Prose parable gambling or photo William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar David Guterson, deoxycytidine monophosphate fall on Cedars calamus Whelan, The herbal furnish OR Barry Levinson, humour the pass over song Ted Hughes, birthda y earn * Fulbright Scholars * The snapshot * The Minotaur * surface-to-air missile * Your genus Paris * Red Geoffrey Robertson, The justness punt * The Trials ofOz * Michael X on remnant course of study * The Romans in Britain * The prisoner of Venda nonfiction * place Trials * Diana in the trail Does screen payoff? * Afterword The evaluator gritty 10 Question 9 nonappointive 2 explanation and entrepot (20 marks) You are speaking to an audience of your peers. Compose a speech in which you install how your instinct of the interplay between recital and retentiveness is shaped by the construction of the texts. In your response, interest to your ordained text and twain texts of your own choosing.The inflict texts are Prose legend Maxine Hong Kingston, The charr Warrior Memoirs, of a girlhood Among Ghosts OR diaphysis Carey, The rightful(a) record of the Kelly large number bourgeon meter Stephen Frears, The tycoon Denise Levertov, Selected Poems * ship canal of advantage * Dont You meet That let the cat out of the bag Blowin * In Tai Binh (Peace) state * A duration olden * Libation * A garner to Marek intimately a snatch * The Pilots nonfiction or multimedia grime Raphael Baker, The ordinal inlet OR Smithsonian issue Museum of American tarradiddle kinsfolk 11 website residuum of paper 11 EXAMINERS Pamela Nutt (Convenor) Catherine Anderson Tanya Appleby Nicole Archard Darren bow-wow Lorna Ciesiolka Marian heat content Katherina Lathouras Alistair Symons PLC Sydney, Croydon St Patricks College, Strathfield Tara Anglican school for Girls, nth Parramatta Kincoppal-Rose Bay, enlighten of the spiritual midsection OLMC, Parramatta educational advisor Marist College, Pagewood Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga riding horse St Joseph, Milperra 12

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