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How Probation Officers Are Within Society And The...

While it may be more exciting and relevant to read the work of contemporary thinkers, it is also beneficial for aspiring sociologists to familiarize themselves with the work of earlier theorists. As our world progresses and society becomes more self aware, we discover issues and angles that the founders of sociology missed. Even though studying the founders comes across contradictory at times because sociologists are interested in correcting social injustices and most of the earlier theorists discriminated against one or more marginalized groups, it provides us with a foundation to build on for the work we do today. The purpose of this paper is to connect the work of two theorists, Jane Addams and Emile Durkheim, with my research projects, which will eventually become my dissertation. Both of these theorists are considered members of the sociological cannon and influenced the work of later theorists. My dissertation will focus on how probation officers are situated in society an d the challenges faced by people suffering from mental illness coming into contact with the criminal justice system. It will explore the welfare of officers, treatment of offenders, and the overall role of community supervision in the community. I will introduce my work and explain how the ideas of Addams and Durkheim are associated with my approach to this contemporary issue. It is important to note that I am currently the Assistant Chief at the Atlanta Felony Probation Office and will also beShow MoreRelatedIntroduction. Toronto, Including The Greater Toronto Area,1316 Words   |  6 Pages000 people in 2005 (Monga Bay, n.d.). The fluctuation in population reflects a simple change in number over time and that change can cause an alteration of societal values, striving to change the criminal justice system. Youth probation officers have a role in the criminal justice system to supervise young offenders to ensure a compliance with court orders and are on good behaviour for an arranged period of time (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Service, 2016). Youth probation officersRead MorePrison Overcrowding And The Criminal Justice System Essay1497 Words   |  6 Pagescontinues to add stress on the entire criminal justice system. Public Defenders, wardens, judges, governors, and probation officers must amalgamate to help resolve this issue. These entities usually run independently from each other and do not continuously consider the influence decisions have on the prison system. This paper incorporates a panel discussion and media broadcast between a judge, a warden, a governor, a public defender, and a probation officer. After a fight breaks out at Elm HeightsRead MoreProbation Is The Criminal Justice System2410 Words   |  10 PagesQuestion one Probation is defined as ‘the conditional release of an offender into the community, under the supervision of a probation officer. The inclination made from this definition is that probation is not permanent and is revocable if certain conditions are not met as per the agreement between the criminal justice system and the offender (Schemalleger, 2009). The rations for probation are usually four: allowing the offender to be part of the community’s reintegration services. It relies onRead MoreFurther, Research Has Been Done Specifically In The Realm1727 Words   |  7 Pagesare on at one point or another, there are countless challenges that are faced by not only the offender, but the supervising staff. However, according to these researchers there are a number of things that supervising agencies can be doing to aid their mentally ill offenders in desisting from crime. First, the research conducted concluded that by having a strong working relationship with the mentally ill offenders that the case manager, officer, etc. is supervising is essential to build trust. SecondRead MorePolice Misconduct And The Shooting Death Of Michael Brown861 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Community policing in America today has been tremendously affected over the past two years by a number of events involving the police and their interactions with people of color, and minority communities. Most of these problems between the police and minority communities have stemmed from incidents and reports of police misconduct and abuses of power, use of excessive force, and increases in police involved shootings. One major events that drew national attention, caused problems, andRead MoreQuestions On Detention And Imprisonment Essay3721 Words   |  15 PagesBACKGROUND 2 3.1. Local legislations 2 3.2. International instruments 3 CHAPTER TWO 4 4. ALTERNATIVES TO DETENTION AND IMPRISONMENT IN THE JUSTICE SECTOR 4 4.1. PRE-TRIAL ALTERNATIVES 4 4.1.1. Referrals to alternative dispute resolution 4 4.1.2. Diversion 4 4.2. ALTERNATIVES AT THE TRIAL STAGE 5 4.2.1. Bail/bond 5 4.3. POST TRIAL ALTERNATIVES 5 4.3.1. Probation 5 4.3.2. Community service orders 6 4.3.3. Suspended sentences 6 4.3.4. fine 7 4.3.5. Payment of compensation 7 4.3.6. Security to keep theRead MoreLaw Enforcement in the 21st Century15936 Words   |  64 PagesLaw Enforcement in a Democratic Society cha pt er 1 ISBN 0-558-46766-0 Law Enforcement in the 21 Century, Second Edition, by Heath B. Grant and Karen J. Terry. Published by Allyn Bacon. Copyright  © 2008 by Pearson Education, Inc. st Chapter Out line INTRODUCTION The Themes of the Book The Police Function: Social Control and the Use of Force Policing Within the Rule of Law: The Challenges of Discretion The Delicate Balance: Crime Control versus Due Process The Levels of Law Enforcement MunicipalRead MoreCriminal Justice System : Crime, Policing, Courts, And Corrections3651 Words   |  15 PagesThe analysis of a Criminal Justice System should take place in four sections: crime, policing, courts, and corrections. Crime occurs ubiquitously in the world; crime is so common that there is an entire profession made to study why crime occurs, there is also another profession meant to enforce the laws that define what is criminal. South Korea, like most other countries, has a common requirement to enter their criminal justice system: committing a crime is the first step in the process. The mostRead MoreModernizing Mental Healthcare And The Juvenile Justice System Essay2186 Words   |  9 PagesModernizing Mental Healthcare in The Juvenile Justice System Rhoshunda Ellis Walden University Modernizing Mental Healthcare in The Juvenile Justice System Introduction As a Human Services Professional with a background in criminal justice, this article will focus on accessing and helping juvenile offenders in the United States struggling with mental health disorders. For sentenced juveniles with behavioral problems and concerns of mental health, being included in a juvenile mental health court canRead MoreRe-entry: Prison and Reentry Programs4772 Words   |  20 PagesMany criminals are sent to jail on a day to day basis. Once they have completed their sentence they are faced with many problems once they are â€Å"free†. These problems can be but are not limited to housing, employment, and substance abuse. The prisoner, once they are released, has a tendency to go back to their old ways and to continue the life of crime they were a part of prior to prison. To avoid this, while a prisoner is in prison, the staff creates a reentry program for the prisoner. The reentry

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