Sunday, November 3, 2019

The project management as the system of managing sequence of events Essay

The project management as the system of managing sequence of events - Essay Example While the path that has maximum constrains for the resources needed for the completion is refereed as critical chain. The two major factors that any infrastructure project must be analyzed for feasibility are the Existence of long term demand for the initiative and the existing governance framework are the two important aspects to be considered here. Thus the infrastructure projects are not built with unmet expectations besides linking them with other well functioning infrastructure projects. The stand alone infrastructure development initiatives are very difficult to be very successful (Booz Allen Hamilton, 2002). Infrastructure projects them selves may not directly be revenue generating but they provide necessary support systems which could create centers of high rate of revenue generation. But in the case of ROI the proposals are very clear and clear quantification of the return is possible. The ROI also offers opportunities that could structure the project to attain the benefits in a very quick way. The ISO implementation process for the project management operations shall be planned as per the stipulated ISO standard : ISO 25100. This standard would be able to give necessary guidelines to create a common framework for project operations mainly communication and knowledge transfer across different units of the project team. The process would involve five key different steps namely planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. The planning operation refers to creation of the logical sequence of events explaining how each step in the project information system could be operationalised. This step must foresee the resource requirement and possible threats expected from the system at the time of implementation. This is followed by the analysis where the strength, weakness opportunities and treats of the system would be brought to light. The observations and findings about the project system would lead to the

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